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Move Removals caters for all your moving services that you might require.
Here is some of our top listed services. If the service you require is not listed give us a call.
Local Moves

We all know! When moving locally to a suburb in Port Elizabeth. That moving can be Stressful if you consider doing it yourself! or depending on family & friends to make themselves readily available to assist you.

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Long Distance Move

We offer part loads & dedicated trips on a national level. All items loaded are recorded & tracked along with a condition report. Our office team will keep in communication with you regarding the collection & delivery of your load.

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Packing & Wrapping Services

If you pack your own boxes and furniture then you might use the wrong paper or pack your quality goods in the wrong order. We train our staff to ensure that your items is packed with care and the right paper and equipment is used.

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Consulting Services

Move Removals offers consulting services, that can assist you with your necessary move. Many people don't understand where to begin and what to do. We are experts in the field and there to assist you at all times with all your moving requirements. 

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Office Moves

They can be challenging and occasionally comes with special instructions and deadlines. Move Removals understands the importance of every office move. We have our fair share of Office Moving experience, from a small office to a large offices

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Storage Units

Our storage facilities is affordable and secured. This offers you solutions to store all the unwanted or other house hold items that can’t fit into your property. The size of the storage units differ depending on your needs and requirements. 

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